M42 Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steel

M42 PM-HSS use powder metallurgy technology production that is to make metallographic structure more stable.


1.Used for the production of a variety of strong cutting wear and impact resistance tool ;

2.Used for the production of high hardness and super high hard blade, drill, tap, broach, hob and various milling cutters.

3.Used in cold stamping products industry.

M42 Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steel
Chemical composition %
C W Mo Cr V Co Ni Mn Si P≤ S≤
1.05-1.15 1.15-1.85 9.00-10.00 3.50-4.25 0.95-1.35 7.75-8.75 - 0.15-0.40 0.15-0.65 0.030 0.020

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