M35 Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steel

M35 PM-HSS use owder metallurgy technology production that is to make metallographic structure more stable.


1.M35 PM-HSS could be used to make all kinds of  high and ultra-high hardened saw blade, drill, tap, broach, gear hob and all kinds of milling cutter;

2.Used for cold forging die, cutting tools, etc;

3.Used for stamping products industry.

M35 Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steel
Chemical composition %
C W Mo Cr V Co Ni Mn Si P≤ S≤
0.87-0.95 5.90-6.70 4.70-5.20 3.80-4.50 1.70-2.10 4.50-5.50 - 0.20-0.40 0.25-0.45 0.030 0.020

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